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SEO Audit and Strategy

You deserve to have the best possible rankings for your business. Our SEO Advanced Audit and Strategy is the most powerful way to determine why your website is not ranking and what you need to do to achieve first page results.

SEO Audit and Strategy

At Harvest Moon Marketing, we analyze your site’s on-page, off-page and technical SEO, and provide actionable insights so you can rank higher in search results and drive more qualified traffic to your website. 

All of our audits are truly comprehensive and never simply spit out software results. Each SEO audit and strategy is personally crafted by a professional SEO Specialist and reports on all aspects of domain metrics, organic traffic, rankings and more.

What's Included

The audit and strategy will consist of two parts:

1. The audit aka the research phase

During this phase, we will audit your website and current SEO efforts. We will run your site through a manual 150+ point SEO check, look at the technical health of your website, current keywords you are ranking for, backlinks, the competitive landscape and more. 

This will help guide our overall SEO and marketing efforts. We want to ensure you get the highest ROI, and the best way to do that is by building your strategy on a bed of research. After all, how should we expect your customers to convert to your marketing activities if we don’t understand what they are searching for?

2. The strategy aka your SEO blueprint

In this phase, we will give you the clarity you need in your SEO marketing efforts. The strategy will give you a set of actionable steps and will act as a blueprint for all your future SEO  activities. It will likely consist of one-time “setup activities”, and ongoing “monthly activities”. For example, the setup might include updating your menu navigation or overall website structure and the monthly activities could include generating backlinks on a regular basis. 

Once you have the strategy in place, you can hire us to execute it, execute it yourself in-house, or choose a hybrid of both.


Working with Alanna was one of the best choices I made for my business! She completed an SEO audit of my website and provided an extremely detailed report with a detailed step-by-step plan to resolve the issues found. Prior to meeting with her, I was overwhelmed at the thought of implementing SEO strategies or redoing an already expensive website. However, her report was well written and easy to understand even for someone who has no website/SEO knowledge or experience. She delivered each milestone on time and worked around my hectic schedule to review the findings with me. I will definitely work with her again. – Crissy Collins, World’s Greatest HVAC

Alanna took the confusing world of SEO and brought it to me in a helpful and expansive way. She supported where I was at with my business, and gave me helpful and actionable tips to create a stronger digital platform. – Paulina Munroe

Alanna was amazing to work with! She delivered everything on time and as promised, and took the time to walk our team through each section of her audit, answering any questions we had. Our team is new to SEO, so the documents and guidance she provided helped us to gain a better understanding of this side of website design & structure while providing both immediate and long-term goals that we can work towards to help improve our rankings. Would happily recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their own SEO. – Ellen Vickery, Pingle’s Farm Market

Let's Get You Ranking.

SEO Audit and Strategy

We report on all aspects of domain metrics, organic traffic, rankings and more. Then we provide a high-level strategy with a checklist for you to achieve your individual goals. Each report includes but is not limited to the following audits and analysis.

Website Health Check

We compare your websites technical and SEO health against over 100 most common SEO issues

Backlink Audit

We determine how many backlinks and referring domain you currently have and analyse the quality

On Page SEO Factors

Your site is analyzed and create a strategy for best on-page SEO factors.

Website Architecture

We determine the hierarchy of pages and if any pages are not being crawled by search engines

Competitor Analysis

We review your top three competitors' SEO performance. By using their

Keyword Audit

We provide a list of keywords you are ranking and measure their effectiveness

Domain Analysis

We analyse the strength of your domain corresponding to its ability to rank

Keyword Research

We compile a list of potential keywords for the top five pages on your website

Code Analysis

Are you implementing Schema? Is there a code that is slowing down your site? We will find out.

URL Structure

Find out whether your URLS are optimized for SEO and how to improve them

Speed, Security, UX

We analyze these important factors to help you improve your rankings

Content Analysis

We analyze the content on your website for its rankability and determine its pitfalls and opportunities

Don't Wait. Get More Customers.

As a Business...

  • You need a constant flow of customers or clients
  • You want to be on the 1st page of Google for your product or service
  • You’re confused because your competitors are ranking but you are not
  • You lack clarity because you don’t know where to start with SEO
  • You have invested in a beautiful website but very few people visit it
  • Your website leads are not qualified 
  • You feel helpless because you don’t know what you’re doing wrong
  • You are frustrated churning out content without success

With an Advanced SEO Audit and Strategy...

  • We will identify areas of improvement for your website’s optimization
  • Provide keyword recommendations
  • Provide strategies to attract your IDEAL client
  • Analyze and leverage your competitors’ strategy
  • Unearth technical and off site SEO issues
  • Give you the clarify you need to tackle your SEO with confidence
  • Provide an easy to understand report with no confusing jargon
  • Provide tactics to improve your UX and build brand awareness

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