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Harvest Moon Marketing

A boutique digital marketing agency

It is our mission to provide clever solutions and strategic counsel to big-dreaming business owners just like you.

Our digital marketing solutions are not shortcuts. These are long-term solutions, designed to sustainably grow your business.


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Harvest Moon Marketing Great

Meet Alanna.

As our Founder and SEO Specialist, Alanna has built a reputation for orchestrating highly successful and multifaceted digital marketing campaigns.

Her meticulous attention to detail and data driven approach ensure that every project she oversees is executed flawlessly.

Meet Stefan. 

As our Lead Copywriter, Stefan has established himself a creative force in the world of digital marketing. His passion for storytelling and digital fluency enable him to breathe life into brand narratives.

He perfectly brings together grammar, spelling, and brand voice.

Meet Taylor. 

As our Lead Social Media Manager, Taylor has a proven track record of driving brand growth and engagement with beautiful visuals and excellent captions.

She is committed to staying at the forefront of social media trends and has become known for fostering meaningful online communities.

Meet Maura. 

As our Lead Paid Advertising Specialist (PPC and social), Maura helps businesses harness the power of online advertising to drive growth and achieve their goals.

Her campaigns are built on a strong foundation of consumer and market analysis, and strategic planning.

Meet Naomi. 

As our Branding Specialist and Web Developer, Naomi has a passion for bringing brands to life with user friendly websites.

With a blend of artistic flair and a keen eye for conversion optimization, she specializes in crafting compelling brand identities and user-centric digital experiences.

Our Values


We are committed to being open, honest, and straightforward with your payment structure and your site's progress.


We approach all our client relationships with kindness and an open heart to connect and build meaningful relationships.


We bring big ideas to life. We aren't always the cheapest option but we always provide the best value for money.


Quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. We don't take shortcuts. We get the job done right the first time.

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Meet the Founder

Don’t just take it from us. Our Founder’s 100% Job Success rate on Upwork and our 5-star review on Google My Business are a testament to our quality work and dedication.

Alanna has over 7 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist and a profound understanding of what it takes to get her clients more sales, better leads, and increased brand awareness

Over the course of her career, she has worked with clients in every industry. From travel publications to local service providers and large e-commerce sites, no website is too large or complex.

Alanna has also been fortunate enough to be featured as an authority on digital marketing in industry-leading publications, such as Outgrows Marketer of Month podcast along with industry titans such as the Co-Founder of Wikipedia, Forbes Influencers and Pultizer Prize winners. Get in touch if you are interested in working with her for speaking engagements and training sessions. 

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